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23 Amazon Must Haves for 2023

What are the Amazon must-haves for 2023?! Well, get a jump start on this new year, and get your self some awesome products that will not only make your busy life easier, but more stress-free and enjoyable! All of these items are the top-sellers in their category on Amazon right now! Remember, I do earn a small commission if you choose to purchase through this blog! Just know that this stay-at-home mama does a little happy dance when you do!!

Amazon Must Haves for 2023!

1. Might Patch: Acne Patch

Nothing is worse than blemishes on your face! Stop feeling self concious and cover them up aat hight with this hydrocollide patch that actually helps absorb all that gunk inside your pimple while you sleep! Wake up to a more clear face! With over 110,000 4.5 star reviews, I say that it’s worth a try!

2. Portable Tire Inflater

I cannot tell you the times I have had as a mom where I wished I had this thing! It’s so portable and easy to use, with over 59,000 4.5 star reviews, I don’t think I’m the only one who loves this thing! Never search for your manual pump again! Grab this Portable Tire Inflater instead!

3. High Density Foam Muscle Massage Roller

If you are an active mama like me who tends to be sore after workouts (thanks a lot, age), then this will be your new best friend. Use it to gently roll out those irritating knots in muscles, or to simply stretch out your muscles after a tough workout. Not much beats a post workout recovery than this massage roller!

4. Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza Game

Confession, I am not a game person, but this game was a hoot. At Christmas we had over 15 kids in one house and they were fighting who got to play the game and who didn’t. Even adults wanted to play! 40,000 FIVE star reviews! Want a house full of happy kids?! Get this game today!

5. Blink Mini Security Camera

This tiny camera can give you the piece of mind you are hoping for day or night! With superior day and night time vision, keep track what is going on in your home when you can’t! Ever wonder what your pets do all day, or want to check in with your family when you’re gone! Problem solved! Over 228K 4.5 star reviews for this security camera!

6. Cloth Resistance Band Set

Resistant bands are the most deceiving pieces of workout equipment out there! Use these resistance bands to tone your upper arms, or your thighs! You could actually use them for a lot of movements, as well as practicing your form for push ups covered in my blog post 5 Best Every Day Exercises for 2023! Get this resistance band set here!

Hand with Dog grooming tool

7. Aquapaw Dog Grooming Scrubber Tool

You know those genius things you see in the world and think to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Yep. That’s this dog grooming tool. It slips easily on to your hand and allows you to still use your hand if needed. Water squirts out of it and with its gentle silicone nodules, it allows you to scrub and rinse your dog simultaneously! Genius!!!

Bottle stopper

8. Bottle Stopper for Your Bubbly!

Not much worse than going for you bottle of goodness and you poor into your glass flat liquid that has lost all its bubbly goodness! Not anymore! This can work for all standard bottle necks! Grab this Champagne Bottle Stopper to help keep the party going!

9. Tub Hair Catcher

I know this kind of product is not what one wants to think about, but if you are a woman like me, I lose a ton of hair every time I shower. Like a lot. This handy little hair catcher is designed to sit in your drain, catch the hair, and let the water go through easily! Sounds like magic to me!

10. Lightweight Microfiber Bedsheets

I’m pretty picky about my bedsheets, after all you spend hours in them, right?! Well with over 114,000 4.5 star reviews and with a $19 price tag, I’d say these are worth a shot! I LOVE mine. In fact, just yesterday I tore my bed down, washed them, and immediately put them back on for tonight. I’m a little biased on these sheets!

11. Salad To-Go Lunch Container

This is genius to me, because no one likes a soggy salad. Put your greens safely below the upper deck, where your toppings are all nicely sorted and stored. Best part? You’re eating healthy on the go, wherever you go! I love that if you buy this product, a part of the proceeds go to Feed the Children a “a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives hope and resources for hungry children and families”.

12. Food Kitchen Scale

To be honest, I’ve never understood why someone would want this, until I got older and realized just how important for portion control. If you are on the Keto diet, this thing can be your best friend! No more guess work. Also…You can use it to measure how much weight your package is before you ship at home!

13. Car Vacuum

UHM, is anyone else’s car a disaster like mine? Please tell me yes. It doesn’t matter if I clean out the clutter every night, my car always seems to be covered in goldfish crackers, or loose dirt all. year. long. Problem solved with this awesome car vacuum cleaner. Super portable and easy to use. You can even plug it into your car and take the vacuum with you on roadtrips!

14. Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches

As an ex-teacher, things like these make my all warm and fuzzy inside. I never realized how much I could use my laminator at home until I did for things like laminating our contact sheet for the babysitter, laminating our medical dosage chart for the medicine cabinet, laminating my favorite art my kids bring home from school! These pouches make it so simple and easy! Don’t have the laminator yet. Check it out here!

15. Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer

Are you lucky enough to have natural volume? No, me either. This Volumizer Hair Dryer has over 339 K 4.5 star reviews. I’m not sure if I have ever seen that many reviews on a hair product before! This is one of those hair tools that might replace 2 or 3 of your old tools!

16. Gallon Glass Jar with Lid

I’m an open Joanna Gaines-aholic. Have you ever watched her cooking show? She has large clear gallon jars like this Anchor Glass Jar full of flour or sugar and she can easily dive right into the jar with her measuring cups! I am replacing my old, small jars on my kitchen counter with these large mouth jars so I don’t have any more frustration!

17. Professional Sharp Pruning Shears

Could you yard use some love? I live in Montana and we are in the thick of winter right now, but I am dreaming of the days where my roses and perennials come back to life. I am going to spoil myself (by spoil I mean $20) with these pruning shears this year!

18. Deshedding Pet Brush

Does your dog mult like my black lab? I shudder every time I think of all the hair that could have been in my home, had I not brushed my lab! This Deshedding dog/cat brush works for long or short hair! Gentle on their skin and incredible for you home!

19. LED Compact Flash Light

With all of the insane storms all over the country, grab a few of these small, LED, bright compact flash lights to put in your home, car, or purse so they are there when you need them. You never know when you will need them, but at their price, it’s a no-brainer!

20. Kids UV and Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles

My kids just discovered that going under water won’t kill them (🤦‍♀️ I wish I was joking). So now that they have found a whole new world below water, these UV anti-fog swimming goggles are always in our bag when we head to the pool or lake!

21. Flat 8′ Interior Extension Cord

Do you have areas in your home where you WISH you had an outlet?! Me too! Well this small, flat, and discreet extension cord can fit behind your furniture to allow up to 3 outlet switches in those hard-to-reach areas of your home!

22. Waterproof Combination Lock

Not much feels worse than getting stolen from. For less than it costs to get your next latte, grab one of these Waterproof Combination Lock for your gym locker, tool box, gate, etc. so you can rest at ease knowing your stuff is safe!

23. Pack-to-Go Play Doh

I will never be more thankful to the one lady who saw my husband and I (epically) failing to keep our kids entertained out at dinner one night, and she ever so sweetly walked by our table and set a few of these out for our kids to play with while they waited for their dinner. What a sweet surprise when she said we could keep them! Now they live in my purse for the next outing!

There you have it friends!! I’ve compiled the best Amazon Must Haves for 2023! Happy shopping!!

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