Best Things to Buy on Amazon: Summer 2023

Looking for the best things to buy on Amazon for this summer?! Look no further! I’ve compiled the 10 best selling items on Amazon right now for you to buy before school gets out! All of the items have 4 or more star reviews, because who wants to buy junk?! I’ve included items for kids, teens, and parents to all enjoy the summer months outside!

Next, please note, I do have affiliate links in this post. If you do decide to purchase any of these items, I earn a small commission. I’m sure appreciative for any purchase! It allows me to stay at home with my kids, so THANK YOU!

1. Bubble Guns

I have three kids ranging from 2 to 8 and they all love bubbles! What’s better? Parents don’t have to sit there and blow to make the bubbles, because these bubble guns are battery operated and do all the hard work for you so you can keep your drink in hand and chat with your friends while your kids chase bubbles on the lawn! If you’ve got older kids, check out these huge bubble wands!

2. LED Frisbee

Do you have a beach vacay planned? Wouldn’t it be fun to get something the whole family can enjoy to play together?! This rechargeable LED frisbee disc would be so fun to play as a family on a warm summer evening! With over 34,000 5 star reviews, others would agree!!

3. Foldable Soccer Goal

My kids (and the teenagers in the neighborhood) always love having an easy-to-set up goal for our backyard bbqs. When the soccer games become competitive, even the parents jump up to play! What I love about this goal post is that it folds down flat–because we all know there’s not enough space in our garages!

4. Solar Fire Lanterns

I will admit, when my neighbor got these, I was entranced! Luckily, she kept them up even through the winter so I got to enjoy her solar lantern lights even in the snow! Talk about an item you can enjoy all year round! What I love about these is that they actually look like flames!

5. Magnetic BBQ Grill Lights

These magnetic grill lights are genius! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve struggled with flashlights in our hands while trying to grill at the beach or out camping! The best part about these magnetic lights is that they are magnetic and can stick to any metal around you to make it easy to light whatever you’re doing! From grilling to working on your car in the dark, this are a MUST for this summer!

6. Durable Splash Pad

This durable splash pad is a hot seller on Amazon right now! The large splash pad is made to have anti-slip properties and big enough for the whole family to play in–including the pup! What I like about this splash pad is when you’re done with it, you can fold it up to put it away vs having a hard kiddie pool left in your yard all summer!

7. Wooden Ring Toss Game

This timeless game is a perfect game or all ages! It will keep toddlers, teenagers and adults engaged for any party! It’s also durable and will last you for years! I love how this ring toss game has an easy to grab and store bag! Toss it in your car to take to the beach or any bbq party this summer!

8. Mesh Beach Bag

Need a carry all mesh bag that can get wet, but hold all your stuff? Look no further! This bag has multiple easy to reach compartments, and a large middle pocket big enough for towels and toys! This is a go-t0 bag for any trip to the river, lake, beach or pool!

9. UV Protectant Beach Tent

I am very aware of sunscreen and sun rays after my sweet mama passed away from Melanoma. You will not find me or my family at the beach without a tent. Our favorite thing about this tent is that it fits 4 people, because I’d rather have more room than not enough! Super easy to put up and it protects your skin!

10. Collapsable Cargo Wagon

Lastly, I put off buying a wagon for YEARS. Why?! I literally keep this wagon collapsed in the back of my car all summer and fall during sports season. What’s super important in choosing a wagon is its wheels. I love this particular collapsible wagon, because the wheels are sturdy enough to go through grass or sand. I mainly use ours on sidewalks and grass, so the large clunky sand wheels weren’t a must for me.

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