Summer Vacation 2023: 10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy!

summer vacation 2023

10 Engaging Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy Off Screens This Summer

Since kids are getting out of school, many parents find themselves concerned about how to keep their kids entertained this summer without relying on screens. While technology has its benefits, it’s important for children to have a well-rounded summer experience that includes plenty of offline activities. In this blog post, we will explore 10 engaging activities that will keep your kids busy, active, and away from screens throughout your summer vacation in 2023!

1. Get Creative with Arts and Crafts:

First, encourage your child’s creativity by providing them with art supplies and craft materials. Set up a designated space where they can create their masterpieces. Whether it’s drawing, painting, or making DIY projects, arts and crafts help develop fine motor skills, stimulate imagination, and provide a sense of accomplishment. Don’t have time to make the play dough or you don’t have any craft supplies at home? Come check out some awesome materials to get you started here!

2. Explore the Great Outdoors:

Next, take advantage of the beautiful weather and plan outdoor activities. Organize family hikes, picnics in the park, or trips to the beach. More importantly, outdoor activities not only keep kids physically active but also provide opportunities for them to connect with nature and learn about their environment.

Luckily, I am fortunate enough to call the incredibly beautiful, Montana, home. If you are looking for a state full of outdoor activities and adventures, come on over! I’ll be writing a blog on this soon! Leave a comment below if you want some advice on where to go when you get here! From Glacier National Park & Yellowstone, Montana is the perfect place for your summer vacation in 2023!

3. Reading Together

Also, reading is a wonderful way to keep kids engaged and expand their imagination. Encourage your child to join a summer reading program or start a book club with their friends. For example, set aside dedicated reading time each day and provide them with a variety of books to choose from.

More importantly, this will help foster a love for reading and improve their language and communication skills. Is your little one just starting to learn how to read, but struggling to gain traction in their reading journey? Being a former teacher, I created a road map of how to actually teach reading in a developmental & appropriate way for any reader. Check it out here!

4. Plant a Garden

In addition, gardening is a rewarding and educational activity that can keep kids busy for hours. Allow your child to have their own small garden patch or a few pots on a balcony. Clearly, teach them about plant care, the importance of water and sunlight, and involve them in planting and harvesting fruits, vegetables, or flowers. Gardening promotes responsibility, patience, and a connection to the natural world.

Even if you don’t have room for a garden, grab a pot and plant some seeds. It’s incredibly exciting for little ones to enjoy as they watch their plants grow! Want to give them their own gardening set? Check out this adorable & useful garden set to get your little one started!

5. Foster Culinary Skills:

Cooking and baking can be a fun and practical way to engage your kids. First, involve them in meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. Next, let them try out age-appropriate recipes and encourage them to experiment with flavors and techniques. Cooking helps develop math skills, enhances creativity, and promotes healthy eating habits. Knowing how to cook is a pivotal skill for anyone to learn, so why not start now?! Make it fun with kids cooking gear here!

6. Engage in Physical Activities:

Summer is the perfect time for your children to participate in various physical activities. Sign them up for swimming lessons, martial arts classes, or sports camps. Encourage them to ride bicycles, rollerblade, or participate in outdoor games with their friends. Have them join your work out with you! Studies have shown that children are more active if they see their parents being active. Physical activities not only keep them active but also promote social interaction and teamwork.

7. Encourage Volunteer Work:

Engaging in community service or volunteer work can be a fulfilling and character-building experience for kids. Research local organizations or charities that accept volunteers, and involve your child in activities that align with their interests. This will teach them empathy, compassion, and the importance of giving back to society. I bring my kids to a retirement home every Tuesday to visit with the residents. I bring a bag full of toys and they play and learn how to hold conversations, and the residents absolutely love to watch them an they look forward to their visits each week!

8. Foster a Love for Music:

Encourage your child to explore their musical interests. Provide them with musical instruments or enroll them in music lessons. They can learn to play the piano, guitar, drums, or any other instrument they are interested in. Additionally, singing or dancing to their favorite tunes can be a great way to express creativity and boost self-confidence. Looking for a great first instrument set?! Check this one out!

9. Plan Science Experiments:

Science experiments can be both educational and exciting for children. My middle son was born to be a scientist! Look up simple experiments online that can be conducted at home with basic household items. Teach them about different scientific concepts while they enjoy hands-on experiments. This will stimulate their curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Here’s a fun science kit to keep your child busy this summer!

10. Organize Family Game Nights:

Family game nights are a fantastic way to spend quality time together while also keeping the screens away. Gather board games, card games, or puzzles that will foster team work and fun with your family! To be honest, I am not much of a board game person, however a set like this where it is more of fun activities vs a board game, I’m all for it!

In conclusion, summer is what you make it! Even if you just did 2-3 of these activities, you will be on your way to making a fun and memorable summer vacation in 2023! Head outside, feel the grass between your toes, remember your sunscreen and HAVE FUN!

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